ISO Rating 2

As of December 1, 2017 Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue, Inc (DBVFD), is rated an ISO 2 by the Insurance Service Organization.

DBVFD is one of 29 fire departments in Tennessee with a rating of ISO 2 or higher. Dallas Bay is the only volunteer fire department in the State of Tennessee with an ISO 2 rating. The Insurance Service Organization determines the ISO 2 rating based on water supply, dispatch/communication services, and the organizations staffing, training, equipment, and DBVFD personnel. Because of this lowered ISO rating, area residents and businesses receive a discounted rate on premises insurance.

DBVFD originally began servicing the communities of Hixson, Middle Valley, Lakesite, Dallas Bay, and Falling Water in May 1975. The current service area includes some 35,000 residents along with 9,700 homes and businesses in a 43-square mile area. DBVFD responds on an ‘all call’ philosophy as dispatched by Hamilton County 911. DBVFD, in contractual agreement with Hamilton County Emergency Services, provides emergency medical service response to the Sequoyah Volunteer Fire Department area of approximately 6 square miles.